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5 Signs that You Need to Change Your Brake Fluid

5 Signs that You Need to Change Your Brake Fluid

5 Signs that You Need to Change Your Brake Fluid   There are many different fluids in your car that are required to help it perform at its best. Perhaps one of the more overlooked fluids is brake fluid, which is vital to the function of your braking system. Most manufacturers have a set mileage or time frame that brake fluid should be changed by, but some simply recommend that you check the fluid level and condition periodically. This can leave drivers a little confused as to when their brake fluid needs to be changed, especially if they aren’t sure what clean fluid is supposed to look like.   What is Brake Fluid?   Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that transfers the pressure of your foot on the brake pedal to the brake pads on your wheels. While this fluid is in a sealed system, the lines that carry the fluid from your reservoir to your brakes can become worn or damaged and allow water, dust, or dirt to get into the fluid. This contamination ... read more

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